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White Noize were formed after Darren Ford (drums) and a bass player both from Trinant left their former cover band in November of 2011. They both wanted to start a new band immediately and was aware that Paul Lloyd (Guitar) also from Trinant was available and looking to join a band.  After Christmas 2011 Paul was auditioned and welcomed into his first band and the search for another guitarist and singer began.  Whilst placing a few ads Paul was unaware until a passing conversation that his son's well qualified and talented guitar tutor, Josh Shankland was available and willing to take up the other guitar slot. The search for a singer continued with several people auditioning for the slot.  After many auditions the yet to be named White Noize were lucky enough to find vocalist and lead singer, Carys Hughes.  Carys has an excellent range especially at the bottom end, which suited the band as the set contained mainly covers sung by men.  The band was set and a few gigs were lined up, but after 2 weeks, the band's bass player sadly decided to leave the band.  This was a big blow as he was a talented bass player who knew the set perfectly.  After a short period of panic, Darren and Paul realised that another Trinant boy, Sean Mitchell who was an accomplished bass player formely of originals band, Machine Gun Kelly may be willing to help out or even join the band.  After a quick phone call, Sean was willing to join and the band was back up to its full compliment with its debut performance at Troggfest 2012 looming.  With their debut performance at Troggfest 2012 imminent a name for the band was vital and after many names/ideas were thrown around the band managed to narrow it down to 5 names.  The band voted on these names with 4 out of 5 of the votes going for White Noize.  White Noize were now complete with vocalist, Carys Hughes, guitarist, Josh Shankland, guitarist, Paul Lloyd, bass guitarist, Sean Mitchell and drummer, Darren Ford. 



White Noize gigged consistently for the next 6 months, but then Josh decided to leave the band and Carys left due to professional reasons in the space of 2 weeks, which left the band in a panic with many gigs already booked.  However, Timmy Carne of covers/originals band, Fabricated Lunacy and covers band, Millenium was willing to help out and cover the next few gigs, but White Noize were still without a singer.  Luckily local girl, Fay Gutteridge who had sang around the pubs and clubs in Ibiza and the circuit in South Wales as a solo artist was at a loose end and looking to join a band.  Fay's superb vocals, dedication and experience raised the band to another level and there is great optimism for the future with gigs coming thick and fast following only a few performances with Fay.  With a singer now on board the search for a permanent guitarist was on and after a few inquiries talented, but humble guitarist, Timmy decided to leave Millenium to join White Noize getting the band back up to its full complement.  

07/04/15 Update

After a further year and half of manic gigging all over South Wales Timmy decided to leave the band due to work commitments.  White Noize are now continuing as a 4 piece with Paul taking over all guitar duties, but there is the possibility of a second guitarist joining the band in the not too distant future.  White Noize were primarily formed to play covers, but there is optimism of a few originals hitting the air waves at some point.

25/07/19 Update

After a fantastic 6 years gigging frequently all over Wales Fay decided to leave to pursue a career in nursing.  She was a massive loss to the band.  Luckily, local girl, Sue Charlz who had been on the circuit for 20 years as a solo singer was looking to join a band and could start immediately.  Sue has fantastic vocals and has slotted in with ease.  White Noize continue to gig whenever possible.


NAME: Sue Charlz(Lead vocals)

MUSICAL BACKGROUND: Self taught singer.

EXPERIENCE: 25 years experience singing as a duo and soloist in pubs, clubs and caravan parks among many other functions.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Meatloaf, Pink, Bon Jovi, 80's music.

OTHER INTERESTS/HOBBIES: People manager.  Loves spending time with family especially new granddaughter.



NAME: Paul Lloyd (Guitar, backing vocals)

MUSICAL BACKGROUND:  Paul is a self taught, competent, mainly rhythm guitarist who is currently working through his grade exams.

EXPERIENCE: Paul has been playing guitar for several years, but has only now taken it more seriously since joining and being a founder member of White Noize.  He has been involved in a few charity gigs through his job, but White Noize is his first band.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Metallica, Stereophonics, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Guns 'n' Roses and many more.

OTHER INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Paul was a keen rugby player, playing 300 games for his home village, Trinant R.F.C. before retiring through injury.  He now coaches Newbridge under10's and Trinant R.F.C. 




NAME:  Sean Mitchell (Bass guitar)

MUSICAL BACKGROUND:  Sean is a self taught, talented and fluid bass guitarist.

EXPERIENCE:  Sean was the guitarist of orginals band Machine Gun Kelly gigging around the South Wales orginals circuit for several years.  He is currently the bass player of orginals/covers band Fabricated Lunacy and White Noize.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES:  Joy Division, Morrissey, Libertines, The Vines and many more.

OTHER INTERESTS/HOBBIES:  Sean is a massive Assassins Creed fan and UFC enthusiast.  He is also interested in caring and helping abused animals.




NAME:  Darren Ford (Drums)

MUSICAL BACKGROUND: Darren is a self taught drummer with help from friend, Lee Roberts of The Undecided.

EXPERIENCE: Darren started band life playing drums in originals band, The Sirens recording a 10 track album.  Since then he has played in various cover bands and is a founder member of White Noize.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Friend, Lee Roberts.  Anything - rock, metal, pop, 60s to present day.  Stereophonics, Oasis.

OTHER INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Attends local gym, cycling, spending time with the family, listening to music and reading.

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